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Simple Yet Effective Uses for Dr Bronners Pure Castile Soap article image by Love Thyself

When you’re a parent or someone who prefers simplicity and want to ensure that your family and household are clean and spotless, then Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap is the perfect soap for the family and everyday use. If you’re not familiar with the Dr Bronner organic magic soap, then you should know that it is a product that is well-loved by so many consumers all over the world. If you ask why this is so, it is due to the many amazing uses of this simple, yet healthy liquid Castile soap that can be used for the skin and household.

Dr Bronner review highlights the amazing benefits of this product and the many consumers whose life’s have been less complicated with an all-around and safe magic soap. Indeed many have raved about how this product is a staple in their household and how it’s impressive for cleaning and removing dirt and grime for personal and outdoor use. Once you start using this soap, don’t be surprised that you will find yourself trying these easy and effective uses of this Castile soap by Dr Bronners.

Here are the most common and essential uses of Dr Bronner Organic Liquid Castile Soap:

Body Wash – Squeeze just a tiny amount of this magic soap on a loofah, scrub or washcloth and it creates a good lather for you to effectively clean and exfoliate the skin. A bottle of this soap lasts a long time, which is the very reason why many consumers would rather choose this soap, not only for the purpose of saving money but also because of its undeniably effective formula!

Facial Wash – 2 or 3 drops of this pure Castile soap will help remove impurities keeping your face fresh and well-cleansed.

Shampoo – Squeeze an estimated teaspoon full of soap on your hands and massage into damp hair to form a luxurious lather.

Shaving Cream and After-shave – You can squeeze a few drops as a shaving lubricant or cream and work it into a lather. As an after-shave, use a spray bottle and add 1 to 2 drops of soap with 50ml to 125ml of distilled water. For best results, feel free to add tea tree oil, peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil to help refresh and soothe skin and prevent shaving rash. For sensitive skin types, use the baby mild version.

Multi-purpose Household Cleaner – If you’re using a spray bottle, add ¼ cup to a quart of water or 1 part soap and 1 part water for some heavy duty cleaning.

Laundry Washing – You’ll need ¼ cup of liquid Castile soap for a top loading washing machine. You may add baking soda for additional cleaning. This is a great formula for washing baby clothes and nappy’s clean because it is organic and natural, unlike traditional detergents which may cause rashes due to harmful chemicals or cause sensitivity.

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Why You Shouldn’t Think Twice Before You Buy Dr Bronner Liquid Castile Soap

A healthier and economical alternative to cleansing not only limited to the body, but also for household use, need I say more? It is the ideal multi-purpose soap that could be a staple in your home as well. Another advantage when you buy Dr Bronner liquid soap is that you can benefit from “Pure Castile” soap, which is considered great for the skin due since it is derived from olive oil. With the absence of harmful ingredients such as what you encounter with traditional detergents, you can ensure safe products for your family and household.

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  1. Natasha Macdonald 1 year ago

    I’ve been using the peppermint, I love the smell and really cleans effectively. It leaves my skin feeling almost squeaky clean!

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