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Everyone’s Favourite Castile Soap By Dr Bronners Australia article by Love Thyself

A few years ago it would have been difficult to purchase Dr Bronner’s soap but nowadays, this very useful soap is made available in any supermarket and if you’d like to purchase it online, you might as well do that here on Love Thyself website. Love Thyself is one of the many believers of Dr.Bronner’s Castile soap. We also share the same vision in promoting only natural and organic products to safeguard our consumers’ interest and well-being. There are countless products out there on the market that are loaded with nasty ingredients that are in fact detrimental to your health, especially through continued use. Keep reading as we discuss why choosing a safe and natural soap can be a great and simple investment for your family’s health.

Why Buy Dr Bronners Castile Soap for your family?

Dr Bronners Australia was founded by a German-Jewish expert soap maker who wanted to create a pure Castile soap of the highest quality whilst securing a socially and environmentally friendly process. He came from a family of soap makers which is not surprising that their version of Castile soap is unique and carefully produced compared to others. Now, Dr.Bronner’s has become a staple and trust-worthy brand in every home, perfect for family use.

Dr Bronner’s soap is the ideal healthy soap for family and household use. It’s nothing like other commercial soaps where typically glycerine is removed from their formulation and sold separately. On the other hand, the Castile soap by Dr.Bronner’s retains its natural glycerine making it extremely moisturising to the skin. Its formulation is twice as much concentrated compared to other brands, thus simply a little soap can help for personal and household cleaning. Indeed, it is cost-effective as you need not keep purchasing new soaps every single month.

As its formula has evolved, they have conveniently developed several versions other than the well-loved and original Peppermint version. This time, you can choose from 7 other versions including Lavender, Citrus, Tea Tree, Almond, Eucalyptus, Rose and Baby Unscented which is perfect for baby’s skin and baby things. Simply choose what you feel is best for your needs and use it for almost anything that needs cleaning around the house or for personal use.

Based on common Dr Bronner products review, it is truly versatile and useful not only for keeping our body clean and germ-free but also keeping things around the house spotless. The Castile oil is derived from pure vegetable oil as well as other high quality and certified organic essential oils.

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This is the secret to the company’s success all these years which many consumers have grown to love and refuse to live without the effectiveness and versatility of this pure liquid Castile soap by Dr. Bronners.

Still not convinced? Feel free to search for countless Dr Bronner product reviews online and discover why people are saying this product is definitely worth it, for your family’s health as well as your own.

Once you’ve decided to try this out, and we’re pretty confident you won’t regret your decision, buy Dr Bronners here on our website and we’ll deliver the product to you fast with love!


  1. Emily Gairdner 1 year ago

    This a must have product to for your bathroom or household needs. It is perfect for both men and women especially for sensitive skin. I’ve been using it as a household cleaner to mop floors and it really does work!

  2. Lara Wilkins 1 year ago

    This soap is meant to clean nearly anything and a great biodegradable product (which I love). I’ve tried some of their products, but the Peppermint Soap will always be my favorite 🙂

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