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Most of us use the best health and beauty products and it is evident when we check the items in our shopping carts. Whether it is for your hair, skin, and teeth, we just want nothing but the best among the rest. However, getting a decent body scrub might not be on our priority list since we think bar soaps are enough to get that healthy looking skin. In addition, we also miss the benefits of what a body scrub can do like the massage and excellent cleansing jobs, unlike other beauty products.


Below are just some of the advantages of using a body scrub and how we can make our skin look and feel healthier. In fact, we do not need to pay a visit to a spa and experience those rituals to get that skin we deserve.


What do we get when we start using a Body Scrub?


Our skin cells regenerate every day. As we regularly take a shower, just like our face, we also need to show the new skin which is waiting to be revealed as we say goodbye to the dead skin cells. As we get mature, the skin renewal process gets slower and this is the time we want to start using a scrub more frequently.


A body scrub gets the job done in many ways. To start off, it gently massages your body and helps in removing your dead skin cells by simply rubbing off those parts that need it most, making your blood circulate properly. Finally, using a moisturiser after a body scrub will make the skin regain smooth and have that soothing effect.


Whenever you start using a scrub, you’ll feel the pamper that you need at that moment. You’ll not notice that you are taking a shower but being captivated by the scent and refreshing feeling of each drop of water will set your mood as your day starts, even before your bedtime.



Different Kinds of a Body Scrub:


The components of body scrubs are way different from facial scrubs in general. Our body skin is not as sensitive as our facial skin, so naturally, the cleansing particles which are in facial scrubs are much smaller than body scrubs. The basic ingredients for scrubs are sugar, salt, and chemical exfoliants like glycolic acids and salicylic acid. These major ingredients help in making the skin look firm, eliminate blemishes and smoothen it.  You may create your own scrub by using ground coffee, oatmeal, raw sugar, olive oil, and honey. If you prefer to use an essential oil to have a spa-like experience, you may mix a few drops of it on your body scrub.



Do It Yourself Homemade Body Scrub:



1/2 cup oil of jojoba or almond oil

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1 teaspoon of citrus zest (lemon or grapefruit) or;

1 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil (almond or lavender)

1/2 cup of ground coffee or oatmeal


Mix all the ingredients together. Rub it on your skin using an exfoliating material which will help you remove the dead skin cells quicker. You may choose different products and try different body scrubs to achieve the best skin possible.


Easy Steps on Using a Body Scrub:


It is important to know how often you can use a scrub depending on your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin, you can use scrubs only on a weekly basis. However, if you have a firm skin, using a scrub up to three times a week is acceptable.


  • Take a warm shower to make the skin soft, initially. You may spend up to 5 minutes and let the warm water make your skin softer and be ready for the exfoliation process.
  • Pause the running water in the shower and get an ample amount of body scrub and gently start scrubbing your skin in circular motion. You may focus on dry skin to remove the dead skin cells.
  • After you have finished scrubbing, turn the shower on again and while rinsing, use your hands to remove any granules left.
  • If you want to cut the process short, just use the body scrub and rinse as if you are doing your shower habit.


Make sure that you scrub moderately, do not over scrub. If you over scrub, this may lead to redness or irritation. Using a lotion or moisturiser will help your skin smoother and soothe any possible irritation after using a scrub.


Do not use a body scrub whenever you have skin allergies, sun burn, or wounds. Give your skin some time to regain its normal condition because some ingredients like essential oils and raw sugar might trigger irritation.


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