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In previous articles we’ve posted here in Love Thyself, we’ve tackled what’s special about Dr Bronner Castile Soap and why you need to start exploring its benefits if you’re still not convinced. The use and benefits of castile soap can be traced back during the time of Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt and Queen Zenobia of Ancient Syria. At the time, these soaps were sourced from laurel oil and olive oil and made into hard bars which are similar to what’s made available at present time.

Nowadays, liquid castile soap by Dr Bronner’s is another version that is considered versatile as it can be used for cleaning the body, hair and even your household. Just a little of its goodness goes a long way so the typical 32 oz. or 946 ml will last you for months. It is also available in bars and can still be converted into liquid form in order to mix it with other natural ingredients in case you’d like to use the product other than a bath soap.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of using castile soap that we truly love!

  1. Castile soap effectively cleans your body, hair and household. If you’re not that familiar with this type of soap, it is usually organic and natural such as Dr Bronners castile soap. It’s safe to use for your body to effectively get rid of dirt, free radicals and other impurities without endangering your skin from harmful chemicals or ingredients. The liquid castile soap is also easy to rinse compared to other soaps. Some products are too soapy or foamy and it’ll take time to actually wash them off from your body. Sadly, most soap is laden with SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is a chemical that makes the soap foamy or soapy.


  1. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients. That’s right! Castile soap Australia is satisfyingly derived from olive oil and other vegetable-based ingredients instead of the nasties we can’t seem to avoid in most skincare and body care products.

Knowing the kind of ingredients used to make products is important as using chemically laden ones can be worse than eating them. Once chemicals are applied to the skin, it is absorbed and penetrates the bloodstream without the kind of filtering that typically happens when toxins pass through the digestive system.

It keeps your body and overall health safe by not exposing it to the dangers of products laden with harmful ingredients. It is quite awesome, right? Just like the famous Dr Bronner castile soap, you can set your mind at ease as it is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, GMO-free and on top of that, sourced with respect to Fair Trade principles.


  1. It is biodegradable and environment-friendly. Since it doesn’t contain toxic ingredients like artificial foaming agents, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and colours, you’re doing the environment a favour as well as these ingredients are definitely considered safe.
  2. It is safe for babies, kids and pets. The unscented pure Dr Bronners Castile Soap is the best option for babies, little kids and pets as it only contains natural ingredients and no nasties! It is not formulated with essential oils that although natural may not be suitable to some pets like cats.
  3. It’s an incredibly versatile product! This type of soap is indeed an incredibly versatile product as it can be used not only to cleanse and keep your body and hair fresh and healthy but also to clean your household from any dirt. Dr Bronners castile soap is well-known for its versatility and takes pride in having several ways to be of use to its consumers.


Here are some of the incredible ways that you can make use of the Dr. Bronner castile soap:


  1. A natural and effective Facial Wash. Just a little bit of liquid castile soap Australia will help you cleanse your face without removing the natural oils necessary to keep your face looking plump and fresh. It doesn’t feel drying afterward as well which makes it a very good facial wash.
  2. A foamy Hand Wash. If you have an empty container with a pump, you can place it by the sink with this type of soap to wash your hands clean or simply use the bottle and get a little amount directly. Its natural foamy liquid will make an effective hand wash too.
  3. A rejuvenating Body Wash or soothing Bubble Bath. It also serves as a good body wash as it contains antibacterial properties that would give you a satisfying and rejuvenating body wash or bubble bath. Just combine liquid castile soap with your favourite essential oil as well as vegetable glycerine to create a fun foamy bath.
  4. A useful Shaving Cream for men and women. Unlike most shaving creams that contain toxic and chemical ingredients, creating your own mixture of natural shaving cream is even better thanks to these soaps! Simply combine essential oils, honey, cocoa butter and/or baking soda with liquid castile soap and you’ll have a healthy and natural shaving cream that can be used for men and women.
  5. Cleaner for Makeup and hairbrush. No need to purchase another product to clean your makeup brushes and hair brush. With water and liquid castile soap you can save and have a natural cleaner to keep your brushes clean.
  6. Pesticide Remover for vegetables and fruits. This is essential as water is not enough to wash vegetables and fruits exposed to pesticides. A mixture of water and a little of Castile soap would be ideal as you scrub the vegetables and fruits in order to remove pesticide residue.
  7. Natural homemade soap toothpaste or mouthwash. If you prefer natural ways to keep your teeth clean and fresh, this will also serve as good natural homemade soap toothpaste. You may also add a little amount of your preferred essential oil to the mixture.
  8. An effective Laundry Detergent. To make a natural and effective laundry detergent with this type of soap, you can add your preferred essential oil, washing soda and borax. You’ll be surprised that just like regular detergents; this mixture also removes odour and stains leaving your laundry clean and spotless.
  9. All-natural Dishwashing Detergent. A simple combination of liquid castile soap, essential oil and water can serve as an all-natural dishwashing detergent.
  10. Natural all-purpose Household Cleaner. A mixture of tea tree oil, water and liquid castile soap can be a natural all-purpose household cleaner. Use a spray container for the mixture and spray on table tops, kitchen sink as well as bathroom surfaces to fight off germs and keep your household squeaky clean.
  11. Chemical-free Floor Cleaner. Simply add a teaspoon of liquid castile soap to a bucket filled with warm water and you can start mopping tiled floors or hardwood floors.
  12. An exterior Window Wash Cleaner. You may have heard that white vinegar with water can clean surfaces really well but there are times when something stronger is needed in order to remove stubborn dirt. Add a little of this soap with water and you’ll have no trouble removing unwanted dirt as it binds itself incredible with dirt and grime making it easy to keep windows clean. Follow up with white vinegar afterward to make it shine.
  13. Non-toxic, all-natural Dog Shampoo. Yes, even your dog can benefit from the all-natural goodness of this soap. Add ground oatmeal as well as coconut oil along with this soap in a mixture and you’ll have an all-natural dog shampoo that’ll leave your dog fresh and clean. It doesn’t harm or remove your dog’s natural oil from its skin but will definitely remove bad odours.
  14. A safe Dusting Spray. It can be a simple dusting spray but natural and safe to use around the house. No need to purchase regular dusting sprays that are laden with chemicals and may risk your family’s health.
  15. All-natural Pesticide Spray. With white oil and liquid castile soap, you can create a handy all-natural pesticide spray that can eliminate soft body insects really well. No need to buy chemically-laden pesticides that are obviously detrimental to your health.

These benefits are indeed enough to make us realise just how useful and safe its formulation is not only for our body but overall health. Other than the cost effectiveness and savings you can obviously take advantage when you start going for green and environment-friendly products such as this, the whole family even your pets can benefit from the natural ingredients used.

Castile Soap can be in many forms, for example, Dr Bronner Castile Soap is available in liquid or bar. Simply consider your preference, however, the liquid form is more versatile and can be easily mixed with other natural ingredients to create many uses as mentioned previously in this article. There are also other products by Dr Bronner’s that you can use such as lotion, shaving soap, sugar soap, toothpaste, etc.

For your convenience, you can purchase Dr Bronners Castile Soap here at Love Thyself as we only offer the best natural and organic products that are safe to use at home. So, contact us now and start using all-natural and safe products for your family and household.


  1. Elizabeth Hopwood 3 years ago

    I use this exclusively as a general purpose total body wash. It leaves you feeling so cool and refreshed. all day!

  2. Maya Amadio 3 years ago

    I’ve been using this since I was around 16. This soap really do wonders as it can erase ZITS overnight!

  3. Gabrielle March 3 years ago

    I would definitely recommend this soap to anyone and everyone. I’ve struggled with acne for more than a decade and this is the only product I’ve found that clears my skin without giving me dry skin. Also works great as a DIY product for cleaning purposes.

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