How Body Scrubs Can Make Your Skin Happy
Body Scrubs + Exfoliation

We want to pamper our body the way we take care of our face. Regular cleansing, moisturising and of course, exfoliating. Knowing that we encounter all the dirt and bacteria on our skin every day, most people would agree that we must exfoliate as often as we can. Using a body scrub is the answer to make exfoliation an invigorating and rejuvenating experience.


Why Use Body Scrub?

Using soap or body wash is not enough to complete your cleansing routine. There are dead skin cells which may build up over time if you miss scrubbing some areas on your skin. This could lead to skin imperfections like rough, dull and tired-looking skin.

Some prefer to use sugar scrubs instead of salt scrubs. The difference between these two is the granules. Sugar scrubs have finer granules which are ideal for those who have delicate skin. On the other hand, salt scrubs work effectively on rough skin areas. Depending on the type of your skin, you must choose the right type of body scrubs carefully.

Before we start using body scrubs, it is important to know what to do and check possible issues which may compromise your skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells is an easy job for body scrubs but we must always prevent mishaps along the way.


Here are some things you need to be aware of:


You need to take a shower before using body scrubs. Use warm water, as much as possible.

Taking a shower will eliminate the dirt and oil and will soften skin areas. Include Altearah Emerald Oxygen Body Scrub on your list when you shop. The soothing feeling of this scrub will take you to nature as it brings life to your tired, dry and dull skin. The essential oils – Eucalyptus, Clove, Rosemary and Sweet Orange blend perfectly to strengthen your senses at it absorbs in your skin. It releases certain energy to boost your senses. Let this scrub take all those worries away. Of course, using warm water on your shower will be a perfect match for this sweet treat.


Never use body scrubs if you have wounds.

You will have a bigger chance of getting an infection if these areas are scrubbed. Not only will it worsen your skin condition, but also the intolerable pain you will feel would not be a pleasant experience. If you are free from any open injuries, you can use From Earth Organic Coffee Scrub for a relaxing and soothing experience. The aromatic scent of the caffeine will boost your body and soul. It contains Vitamin E, cinnamon, fine sea salt and fine Himalayan Rock Salt which aide in tightening your skin as it improves the blood circulation. Thus, giving your skin a healthy and natural glow. Your shower experience will never be the same.


Do not forget to moisturise after your body scrubs.

After a shower, our skin’s natural oil gets stripped off. You need to put moisturising cream or lotion to make sure that you replace the lost natural moisture on your skin. Start using James St Organics Bodylicious Duo- Scrub and Body Oil. This product helps in exfoliating your skin without leaving it dry. What is brilliant about this duo is you can use it all over your body. Rosemary Leaf Extract, Coconut Sugar, Organic Macadamia Oil, and Natural Vitamin E are just a few ingredients which make this product worth using. This will prevent dryness and make your skin supple and has antioxidant qualities which could help in bringing out a youthful glow on your skin.


Another interesting read that may inspire you to use body scrubs: The Benefits of Using a Body Scrub


Scrub up to three times a week.

It is recommended to use body scrubs at least once a week. Some skin may be delicate and prone to skin problems if they scrub their skin more than twice a week. Try Australian Wildflowers With Wild Boronia Essential Oil (Natural Body Scrub). This body scrub promises gorgeous, healthy and smooth skin like you have never felt before. Aside from Wild Boronia Essential Oil, it also contains Brown Cane Sugar, Australian Sandalwood Powder, Hempseed Oil, and Murray River Salt which will make you feel luxurious, even if you are using it at home. You just need to take extra care not to overdo it to prevent skin break out.


Don’t miss out on your routine while you travel.

Whenever we travel, we often forget to bring body scrub since we have little time to think about the items we need to bring or you feel that you may not have enough space in your luggage.Don’t fret since you won’t miss your routine when you bring Acure Travel Pack with you. This travel buddy includes essentials for your face, hair, and skin. This pack is so powerful that you will not have to worry about the space it needs to fit in. The facial scrub includes lily extracts, argan oil, and lemon granules which can be used for all types of skin. The day cream has chlorella and gotu kola extract which help in bringing radiance and moisture, as it protects the skin. The Acure shampoo treats dull and dry hair. It has essential oils from organic pumpkin seed and argan. The conditioner completes the hair care treatment as it brings moisture after shampoo. It makes hair softer, brings lustrous shine and instant moisture on it.


Now that you know these tips to guide on your search for the best body scrub, try any of our suggested natural and organic body scrubs for a more informed decision.


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