Behind the Brand: Black Chicken Remedies
Black Chicken Remedies
Behind the Brand: Black Chicken Remedies article image by Love Thyself

The story behind how Black Chicken Remedies started is both interesting and inspiring. Its founder, Chey Birch, was suffering from skin irritations and sinus issues back in 2000 and it seemed that nothing worked in curing her health and skin issues. When she decided to see a naturopath, that’s when she realised she needed to make changes to her lifestyle particularly the products she was using on a day-to-day basis. She was eventually horrified when she discovered that her skincare products were packed with chemicals that she used everyday.They contained synthetic as well as toxic ingredients which was definitely the reason behind her skin and health issues.


After her discovery and armed with new knowledge on Aromatherapy and while using a little bowl with a black chicken printed on it, she created her own blend of therapeutic botanical extracts as well as essential oils that she could use to cure herself. And boy, did it work! Little did she know that the nourishing blend she created that was packed with great quality natural and organic ingredients would soon become a global brand, and now, it still is at the present.


Now, after years of being in the business, Chey has many exciting things to share about her brand, Black Chicken Remedies, and luckily for us she spent time answering our questions!



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Tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Sydney and I love swimming and the ocean! I swim 1km every day and also paddleboard on Sydney Harbour. I have 2 Burmese cats that often come paddlboarding with me! I am passionate about natural remedies, nature, oils and simplifying life.


How long have you been in business?

It’s hard to say as it all started as a hobby many years ago but probably 7-8 years as a business.




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When did your passion into this area begin?


I studied Aromatherapy as a hobby and when I learnt of the therapeutic properties of the oils I was hooked. I started making blends to every ailment I could think of!


What was your initial inspiration to launch your business?


For years I suffered from irritated skin and sinus issues but nothing I used healed my symptoms. After seeing a naturopath for some much needed advice she suggested I take a good look at my life and the toxins I was unknowingly consuming. So, I did exactly that. It wasn’t until I looked at my scrubs, cleansers and soaps that shocked me. The ingredients in these products were far from safe and healthy ingredients, they were synthetic and toxic, and yet here I was lathering myself with these chemicals everyday.


What ingredients are used in your products and why do they give such effective results?


Essential oils and therapeutic botanical extracts. They’re the most nourishing and deeply penetrating ingredients and ensure that we don’t need to add any preservatives; keeping everything we make 100% natural!


What is your background? Education, Work Experience etc.


I have a very broad background I studied Marketing and Accounting at Uni many years ago and then worked in those fields for years before discovering Aromatherapy and creating this business. It all helps me run the company now.



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What sets natural skincare apart from the standard?


With 100% natural skincare you can be certain of what it is you are actually allowing onto your skin, and therefore into your body. Nature has amazing ingredients that heal your body not harm it.


Do you have a personal favourite product from your range?


Difficult question! But probably Cleanse My Face – it’s an oil cleanser and doesn’t strip your skins natural oils it calms and balances your sebum production. Oil dissolves oil! Plus it smells amazing and after a hard day massaging this into your face is just heaven!


What is the most common mistake women make when it comes to taking care of their skin?

Being afraid of oils! Good quality, pure essential and botanical oils can do so much for your skin, but so many people seem to be scared to use them because they think they will clog their pores and make them oilier, when really it’s the opposite.


Can you share a beauty tip you think every woman should know?


Be kind to yourself! Your body is always trying to communicate with you so if you have a breakout or something it means something don’t just cover it up try and understand the underlying issue e.g. could be toxic overload, clogged pores, dead cells, dehydration etc. so be kind and listen to your body.


Does your skincare cater to a specific skin type? E.g. sensitive, mature, oily, etc.


All of the above! I have created a range of skincare that can be used to help almost all skin types and issues!



Where are you located?



Who works in the business with you?


We have a great team of people all interested in helping create a cleaner better world!


Does your business donate any money to charities?


Yes we get involved with various charities but this year we are focusing on Breast Cancer research.


Is your packaging biodegradable? Or is there any way that purchasing your product will help the earth or our society in any extra way?


All our packaging is recyclable and all of our products help the earth in that they cause no harm or stress to it. Should some of our product be washed down the drain, it’s not going to wreak havoc on the environment because it all came from nature in the first place.




Tell us about any product awards you have won.


We have won Beauty Shortlist Awards two years in a row now! In 2017 Complexion Polish won Best Exfoliating Product, and Axilla Deodorant PasteTM won Editor’s Choice. This year Love Your Face Serum won Best Daily Serum for Combination Skin and Cacao Revelation Mask won Editor’s Choice.

Black Chicken Complexion Polish Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017 image by Love Thyself


Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017 image by Love Thyself


Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while in business? Or an unusually funny moment?


So many moments! But perhaps way back when I was starting the business I made some body oil and gave it to a friend who was wearing it and went into a shop and they wanted to know what she was wearing and rang me and ordered a dozen bottles but I didn’t even have a logo at that time! I knew then I was onto a winner!




We adore your packaging and branding! Tell us what inspires your creative direction?


Thank you! I love green and wanted something to be in people’s bathroom that didn’t have to be hidden away. We get so much great feedback.




Do you have any exciting new projects for the near future that you can share with us? Any plans ahead or new products you would like to share with us?


We are always thinking of new products and I think we brought out over 20 products last year! Our mind range is expanding with more blends and Nasalettes – the demand is growing.


Want to see more Black Chicken Remedies Personal Care products? Click this link for access.


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