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A brand’s success and existence does not mean money. It is a responsibility. How many brands do we see in our country which take part in giving back to the community? Alaffia does. In fact, one of the goals of this brand is commitment. Popularity and profits may be there, but not for long. This group created programs that provide aid to the society but also open opportunities to those with potential. It is an endless cycle that makes the brand one of the most respected and prominent over the years.


Alaffia has focused in improving the lives of people in Africa. The community in Africa is known to the world that poverty, health issues, education and environmental concerns are still present up to this date.


Community-Based Programs and Women’s Health


From time to time, Alaffia sends groups to see which area are needing immediate attention. They research and come up with numbers which program needs to be prioritized and taken into action. Most of the time, these group reach out to certain communities and do they social work. Dental check-up, maternal check up and other hygiene issues which should be addressed. In terms of assistance, they seek partnership with other non government offices to maximize their efforts in achieving their mission.


For instance, in West Africa, there were alot of deaths in terms of pregnancy, due to lack of information as well as infections.  Proceeds are spent to assist women who are about to give birth and those who just gave birth to ensure that survival rate is stable. There were reports that around 100, 000 women were affected in that concern.


Educational Assistance


One of the greatest gifts any person or foundation they could give is Education. The country depends on the future of the younger generation. Alaffia has been generous in ensuring most of the basic items in education are available and sent to African communities instantly. The company has spent millions worth of donations like school supplies, construction of classrooms and schools, school amenities and even scholarship. After 2010, most of the profits went to educational assistance funds.


Environmental Campaign


The Western part of Africa has been reported to have illegal logging activities. Through a massive campaign to stop and prevent further damage of the trees. Alaffia has decided to fund a program to plant over 50,000 trees and form a group to educate them that there are other alternatives instead of trimming the forest down. The company has started investigating other potential sources of energy to conserve the environment up to this date.


If you’re interested to support Alaffia in its quest to help its community, feel free to purchase Alaffia products here at Love Thyself.


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