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So, why do a detox?…

Our body is continuously working to rid itself of toxins and unwanted matter from its various organs.  Over time, the body gets tired and depleted from unhealthy food choices, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, stress, and environmental toxins that are a normal part of everyday life.  No matter how healthy you are, external toxins that we cannot control, require us to give the body a chance to replenish itself, via a detox, so our general wellbeing and energy is at its peak.  When our vital organs are placed under too much pressure  trying to process toxins, illness and disease can begin to appear.  Taking time to cleanse our system and to relieve the pressure on these vital organs, often rewards us with greater energy, clearer skin, improved digestion, better sleep, mental clarity, and so much more. 

Why not Lovethyself and detox yourself to better health today!







So appreciative of the prompt service and the lovely thoughtful note inside my order today. My husband and I are very impressed with your professional business approach. I will be mentioning to all my friends and family to take a look at your website and to look at purchasing required items from you in the future.  Thank you so much.

Kath, NSW


Your company’s outstanding reviews for quality and customer service are obviously exactly correct. I will definitely be ordering from your company in the future. Thanks again.

Amanda, Ontario


Thank you for fixing up my order & the gifts you shared.  I appreciate your fast response & assistance.  Will recommend your business.  Many thanks.

Cherry, QLD

Emily Becher

I was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of coffee enemas to begin with but the team at Coffee Enemas talked me through what I would need and was just so incredibly helpful. They set me up with the right compact equipment to use whilst travelling around the country in a caravan.
I never thought I’d be one to do coffee enemas but after being exposed to toxic mould and having my detox pathways shut down I really needed to give my body the extra help it needed to detoxify, and doing regular coffee enemas is one of the most important things to do on the path to recovery from a heavy toxin exposure like I experienced.
I especially like the organic turmeric enema blend they have. I do a coffee enema every day I can and I feel so much better for it each and every time.
Thanks again Lovethyself team!

Emily Becher


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